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McMaster University

David Ogborn, Mus.Doc. (Toronto)

David Ogborn

Associate Professor, Multimedia
Phone: 905-525-9140, ext. 27603
Office: TSH-306

Dr. David Ogborn is a creator, performer and producer who combines the traditional performing arts with electronic media — whether these be recordings of diverse outdoor environments around the world, laptop orchestra improvisations, video projections influenced by live musical gestures, massive synthesized sounds on immersive loudspeaker arrays, or spatial installations and sculptures built from sensors, microcontrollers and motors.

Recent creative highlights have included Metropolis (New Wave Festival, 2007), Opera On The Rocks (in the Toronto Star's 2008 list of "boffo opera"), and Emergence (for singing robot and guitar, 2009).  In 2010, the interactive video sculpture Waterfall (commissioned by the Canadian Wildlife Federation and created with David Clark,  Kim Morgan, and Rachelle Viader Knowles) was featured in Whistler, BC at the 2010 Olympic Games.  A habitual instigator of collective and participatory art initiatives (including in Toronto, in Regina and imaginary landscapes in Hamilton), he is the President of the Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC) and chairs the annual Toronto Electroacoustic Symposium.

At McMaster, Dr. Ogborn teaches courses in digital audio, sound+image and physical computing (especially physical computing for interactive art), and directs the University's Cybernetic Orchestra (a.k.a. the laptop orchestra) - an open and continually-evolving ensemble that facilitates research, creation, and learning (and fun!) through electronic music.  During 2010-2, he is the principal investigator on the SSHRC-funded research project "Scalable, Collective Traditions of Electronic Sound Performance", in collaboration with Dr. Andrew Mactavish (Multimedia), Dr. Jacques Carette (Computing and Software), and Jeffrey Trzeciak and Shawn McCann (University Library).  Other research interests include spatial sound, the relationship between sound art and the other arts, artistic applications of computer programming, and the history of the avant-garde.

More information can be found at his website: